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living words from brokenness

music moving through, stillness, a radiant intensity

feeling and seeing and knowing, words failing for their feeble smallness, words longing for living wholeness, for beginning again at the very beginning, before the ancient, fractured brokenness

feeling and seeing and knowing, broken words failing, only stillness remains

feeling and seeing and knowing, light shines through the brokenness

words fail, brokenness opens, a Word shines through

a word encompasses, is mind, body, and soul, integrates the universe

quietness overflows

brokenness transmuted into light

healing words, born again through brokenness, light shining through brokenness, brokenness singing radiant, living, infinite stillness into being

light shinning through brokenness, Life speaking new words released by brokenness

feeling and seeing and knowing

you become the words, singing again, whole again, speaking life again

you become that perfect language

for in our healing, He redeems the universe