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Dogs are simple angels, disguised by their dogness, but ministering spirits all the same.

Filled with unconditional love and devotion, they are also sprinkled with flaws so as not to give away the fact they are working, under-cover, single-mindedly, to save as many humans as they can.

Their living fills us with joy, if we will but open to their joy. Their dying gives us such intense grief, it saves us from arrogance, if we permit ourselves to feel honestly their passing. And their simple, complete devotion and love while they are living disarms us so reliably, that we almost always permit ourselves to feel honestly, their passing.

Remembering them, we finally understand their mission in our lives.

We understand that love and humility are the channels through which all life and healing flow. We know that these simple, faithful friends never wavered, never faltered. We see the power of a pure heart.

Dogs are simple angels, disguised by their dogness, but ministering spirits all the same.




moving through me,
flies away, having drawn me to a deeper stillness. 

A vision, 
flowing like music  
compels me to continue on. 

fresh in its originality, 
luminous and living in action and influence, 
brings release.

    I find God. 

The pain 
is transmuted 
into the awe of companionship 
with Him in whom I live and move and have my being.


   I rage with a lonely rage

   against isolation, blindness and a smiling callousness,
   against the denial of our nakedness, our need

   against the illusion of goodness


sing to me connection, sing to me life, flowing,
quietly moving me to vision

sing to me a fountain of companionship


   what will these gods do for you? 

   ... these gods of all false comfort, 
   taking credit for gifts not of their making, 
   these gods who rob us, yet remain barren ...

   ... what will they do for you?

   I rage with a white hot rage


Sing to me songs of comfort
songs from silence
silence ... singing


   I rage

   against cleverness,
   cleverness masquerading as depth,
   against sophistication, imprisoning the wounded soul

   against a proud intellect, withering the spirit


sing to me


fear is a scream, 
frozen into a prison.


light roars, silence 
slays fear

deeper, plunging
downward into silence and light


the deep, encompassing 
me in boundlessness

an infinite music fills
the void 


silence, failing
to contain the light, sings to me

intensity invades me with stillness,
setting me free


light sings to me