Verses and Footnotes

I very recently completed the first version of the short book, Verses and Footnotes.

I have a different perspective on writing and editing, including the fact that I am very, very careful about letting the process of editing remove too much. In fact, I think that the real art is in letting there be just enough of what some would call raw or rough traces in the writing to lend real authenticity to the writing.

I think perhaps a better term would be “idiosyncrasies”, instead of the phrase “raw or rough traces”.

But I know that a trained editor might itch to make those pieces conform to their view of writing. And this is not something I believe is the right thing to do if readers are to see into the writers experience, into what they might experience in a conversation with the writer.

Here is a link to the PDF of version 1.1

Link to PDF of Verses and Footnotes, Versions 1.1

The book is now in print and is available for 15$ a copy. This price includes shipping. Simply email me at to arrange payment and shipping. (Of course, the e-copy is, and will remain, free.)