Brilliance and Renaissance

Today, I was moved and inspired by the documentary “The Philosopher Kings”. It reminded me of a deeper level of awareness, of life and brilliance that awaits our quietness and attention. Life as ideas, as art, as the true university — life as immersion in those bright beams of illumination awaiting the attentive.

Brilliance breaks through to the ready and attentive, here and there, now and then. Illumination floods through the embrace of even one insight. Brilliance is often described as a feeling, because it is nothing more or less than full immersion into the stream of life. At a fundamental level it has nothing to do with the recognition of others or the acclaim of an adoring audience.

Illumination waits everywhere, at all times, for anyone who will see.

Quietness opens the eyes.

Brilliance is freely available, yet many avoid the quietness that would make them aware of brilliance. In quietness, the life and depth in everything becomes visible. In the mundane, uninspired lives so many believe they have, inspired joy is close at hand, just below the surface, ever ready to illuminate. The smallest steps in the direction of life begin to transform, to open and heal.

Solitude and connection, point and counterpoint, brings a growing awareness of light and creative power. The world becomes a deeply informative study, the invitation to illumination, to brilliance that encompasses and moves to something larger.

Then we teach.

Teaching, we have come full circle, but not to the place we began. Having embraced life and illumination, this is simply the place that we consciously take on the mentoring of others. Dwelling in the place without limits, we find others attracted to the life flowing over and outward.

Others join us.

That is renaissance.